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Question for me is, would Mike still have said the same thing about the map if the shootings didn't happen?

I can't say for certain. I do know there was no mistaking them for anything other than the inside of a scope, so there's a good chance I would have thought them to be in poor taste.

My question for you is, why does it bother you so that I commented on them after the fact? Were my comments so far off base? Did I cry out for her head on a platter? Did I call out for censorship?

I merely point out that it was in poor judgment, especially when taken with the rest of their "reload" message. I would think that someone on her team, being paid big piles of cash to be all smart 'n stuff, might have taken the time to consider the political implications/cost of what could easily be spun as a call to violence, and advised her against it.

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Complaining now will not change the past.

Again, I'm not complaining, I'm commenting. There really is a difference.

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If you outlaw crosshairs, what will be next?

At what point in this did I ever suggest outlawing crosshairs?