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If you spout stupidity you will be held accountable.

That accountability is not apparent. The three quotes above were made by three of the four most successful pundits in media.

They are saying what their audience wants to hear; "Kill 'em." followed by the disclaimer "haha I was joking".

I've heard the joke before, and it wasn't funny then either.

The false equivalency put forward bugs me for two reasons. Once obvious, and another not so obvious. Obvious: There's no equivalence to the gun and violence imagery coming from the right. "Peace/love/dope/can't we all get along?" has no appeal to those secretly or not so secretly yearning for violence.

Not so obvious: The right is emboldened by that lack of reciprocation. They don't respect the left because they are weak. I'm greatly conflicted about this, but when we're so averse to "looking back" and "revenge" as to consciously choose to not prosecute war criminals, then the sum total of all the violent rhetoric goes up because one side knows they can escalate without limit.

Glenn Beck is genuinely surprised when he realizes that the vitriol he heaps on others might possibly one day be redirected toward him. He does what he does because that possibility never occurred to him. They operate risk-free.
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