Seeking Product Information

Posted by: Brit

Seeking Product Information - 07/26/16 02:40 AM

I just heard of a product called DMSO which apparently is used for a wide variety of physical ailments and has been used on animals for quite some time. Apparently it is sold in Health Food Stores but has never officially been approved by the FDA. I'm wondering if anyone has ever used this product and whether or not it was effective?
Posted by: Bogus_bill

Re: Seeking Product Information - 07/26/16 06:21 AM

I heard the same thing in the mid 80's and bought a bottle of it. I used it for different things but, in my opinion, it did no good. I remember using it for strained muscles first. Throughout the years I would try it for this and that. Nothing.

When you dab it on anywhere, you will taste it. It is kind of an oily, greasy feeling liquid. It doesn't cost much. I don't think it can do any harm.
Posted by: Brit

Re: Seeking Product Information - 07/30/16 02:37 AM

Thanks for the info to date. I've now used the roll on product with aloe vera for three days with little to no detectable signs of improvement. I'll continue to use it but have little hope for any significant benefits.
Posted by: Wally B

Re: Seeking Product Information - 07/31/16 08:29 AM

Originally Posted By: Bogus_bill
I heard the same thing in the mid 80's

I first heard of it in 1970 or '71. It's a solvent, a byproduct of paper making. I knew guys who got it from "somebody who worked at ITT-Rayonier."
DMSO may not have any effect by itself but can be used to carry drugs through the skin.