Aberdeen Gateway Plaza AreaTraffic

Posted by: Brit

Aberdeen Gateway Plaza AreaTraffic - 09/16/17 05:50 PM

When is Aberdeen going to get the traffic situation in this area under control? The city has done a fairly decent job with implementing the 2 lane system through town and setting the traffic lights to help keep the traffic flowing, but they need to take a hard look at resetting the traffic lights in front of the Gateway Plaza which currently are certainly not keeping the traffic flowing through this area. It is a huge bottleneck and is made far worse every time a train goes through the area. I understand they have no control over the trains, but they do control the traffic lights and could do a much better job adjusting the lights to help keep the traffic moving through instead of stopping at both lights which currently happens frequently. I know the city is looking at a long range solution to this area which will possibly be implemented in another 3 years or so, but this traffic light adjustment should be done NOW.
Posted by: Brit

Re: Aberdeen Gateway Plaza AreaTraffic - 11/03/18 10:56 PM

It's been over a year since my prior rant. Since that time the situation has gotten worse, not better. Why can't Aberdeen officials see that this problem needs attention without further delay?