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Cut and Paste - 05/27/14 12:07 PM

Cutting and pasting is an infringement on copyright. If you copy verbatim, refer to the source you are copying, it becomes your own work. Is this correct?

Something I found that worked, at least on some news sources:

Using Microsoft Word,

If you highlight some text on a web page and then choose "copy" and then go into Word and just select the ordinary "paste", then what you are pasting is the text in web page format. There may be invisible web page codes that are causing Word to choke. Try going to the Edit menu and choosing "Paste Special" and then checking "Unformatted text".

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Re: Cut and Paste - 05/28/14 01:39 AM

So that's what Paste Special means. Thanks!
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Re: Cut and Paste - 05/28/14 02:15 AM

Running a copy-and-paste through a basic text editor, such as MS Notepad, will also strip out hidden formatting codes.

Copy-and-paste does not violate copyright so long as it is within the bounds of fair use.
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Re: Cut and Paste - 05/28/14 12:02 PM

I tried Notepad. I even pinned it to my taskbar. It should have worked but did not. My post turned up blank. I just stumbled upon this and it worked...ONCE. It is worth trying again. Most of the quotes I have used recently I had to type out.
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Re: Cut and Paste - 05/29/14 02:40 AM

Originally Posted By: Bogus_bill
My post turned up blank.

OK, now I understand. I was having this problem posting a couple days ago, although I was using the copy-and-paste routine I've used all along. I think there's a glitch in the forum software. It seemed to resolve itself.

Let's try a pasting. We have no copyright treaty with the Vogons so there shouldn't be any issues on that point.

Oh freddled gruntbuggly,
Thy micturitions are to me,
As plurdled gabbleblotchits,
On a lurgid bee,
That mordiously hath blurted out,
Its earted jurtles,
Into a rancid festering confectious organ squealer. [drowned out by moaning and screaming]
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Re: Cut and Paste - 06/04/14 01:31 PM

Since my last attempt failed using Microsoft Word, Wordpad and Notepad, I tried this:

Paste your cut into this website, save, download and it is now pastable in GraysHarborTalk. It worked for my latest post from CNN anyway.
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Re: Cut and Paste - 09/03/14 11:28 PM

The best guide you can use for C&P/fair use is this:

If you C&P a few paragraphs, just cite the source and you'll be fine. Adding the link to the story is preferred.
If you C&P the entire story, that is copyright infringement.