This is no surprise but I was the owner of Techline and, for awhile, Techline Internet, later to become LLC owned by Scott Sipes and Dan Jones. Just about every position I took here was to be a counter to what most of you, and I, believe in. If you somehow follow me on Facebook, you know my views are pretty much opposite of what I was here. Some of those evolved, some just were.

Techline was a wonderful adventure. The mistake I made there was partnering with the wrong person and, while it was fun, getting into the Internet was a mistake. You buy stuff and buy stuff and the dollars never began to keep up. It was only the profitability of the store that kept it afloat. Pretty soon that was in jeapordy, excessive spending by the Internet part, and we had a choice of selling it to Reach One or the Dan and Scott option.

During the beginning here, Techline Chat was developed at least partly upstairs at Techline. Rick Baker was learning programming and turned out to be quite talented at it. Being Techline Chat, I had to be careful about my identity. You cannot offend your customers. It was fun but this is now nothing more than an old fashioned meeting place for friends.

I suspect that this now is being hosted on one of Dan Jones servers but we have been split apart so long, who knows?

It is far, far in the past for me. I was surprised to see the thing still working.

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I'm kind of a gossip hound, but watching the media whip the small fires into giant forest fires so that they can cover the result is infuriating.