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Okay, Beavis, I apologized. Of course I never did mention the word "liar" anywhere in my posts...It simply means I found your claims to be pretty impossible to believe. And apparently I wasn't alone.

"Beavis, I didn't say you're a liar, I just find you impossible to believe."


Here's the elaboration I posted in the original thread, in case you missed it:

"I'm not defending her, but it wasn't like she ran up to me on the street and said "Hey, wanna hear about the Watchman?" It was in the context of a longer and more involved discussion, and as I recall the way it came up was in the context of people being kind of afraid of Victor because of all the wild stories. So I mention the diving thing, and the watches (at the time Victor used to wear three or four of them) and she sort of shook her head sadly at the kinds of wild stories people come up with, and told me about the meds and the OCD thing, I think with the idea that maybe if people had a better idea of the truth they wouldn't be afraid of him.

I'm not saying that was right of her to do, but I believe her motivations came from the right place. Of course we all know what the road to hell is paved with."

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So apparently being a member of this forum means being subjected to rebuttals and debates by you.

How about calming down and accepting the notion that this is a discussion board...where people discuss things?

All I did was say you were mistaken about something. You continue to insist that I made it all up and "attacked," when all i did was relate the story I heard from a person I consider a reliable source. I didn't call you names--at least not until you started insisting, over and over again, that I was lying.

I've got no beef with you. Calm down, stop insulting me over and over again, and join in our reindeer games. Nobody here, including me, is out to get you.

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Seems you have nothing better to do.

Well, you didn't have to take me off "ignore" either, you know. I'm glad you did, because we can always use a fresh voice around here--ikayak's been holding down the far right-wing fundamentalist Christian end of the spectrum all by herself for quite a while now. grin
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