Okay, Beavis, I apologized. Of course I never did mention the word "liar" anywhere in my posts, but apparently when I post a link to State laws relating to privacy, that means I think you're a liar. Well it doesn't. It simply means I found your claims to be pretty impossible to believe. And apparently I wasn't alone.

As for leading a sheltered life, you're probably right. I shelter myself from haters who call me a coward and a waste of bandwidth. People who having nothing better to do than hang out in a forum 24/7 and contradict every freaking thing I post. Yes, I live a sheltered life. But at least I make sense when I post in forums.

So apparently being a member of this forum means being subjected to rebuttals and debates by you. Well, guess that's why they make Ignore User feature. You can call it sticking my fingers in my ears, but I call it not caring about anything you post, especially when it drags on for days until others agree with me and you don't like it so you start to slam me. You already have me not wanting to post anything for fear of how you will respond, and apparently you WILL respond. Seems you have nothing better to do.

Talk about a sheltered life...