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Hi all,
"We're champions of free speech and we enjoy a good debate as much as anyone."

I agree, but apparently some more than others. Geez, the first thing I posted in this forum got a certain Beavis guy all riled up. I'm not here to make enemies. And in my many years in various forums (car, motorcycle, photography, car electronics and more) I've never got anyone going as much as my simple post about the Watchman. I agree, forums are a great place for a debate. But sometimes we need to just let it go and move on. If we don't agree with something someone posts, that's normal and expected. But to go on and on and on with unintelligible rambling gibberish in replies to so many posts can tend to get downright annoying after a while. If someone makes sense, or has something constructive to say, that's cool. But to drag it through the mud for days just shows that some folks pray on those of us who mean no harm by what we post and/or are only trying to add some harmless input.

I must say, I was happy to find this forum! Having recently moved back to Aberdeen, I was glad to find an online forum where I can keep up with the local happenings or interesting topics of discussion around the Harbor.

Thank you so much to whomever started this forum! Your idea was great! This is just what we need for this area. I'm learning a lot in this site, and appreciate some of what I've been reading. I did, however, learn a valuable lesson really fast: watch what you post, because there are members who will dissect no matter what topic you reply to. It's part of life in online forums, but not really appreciated all that much. It gets old really fast.