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I don't say anything to anyone on here that I wouldn't say to them face to face. That's my rule of thumb. I guess that means I'm sometimes a little caustic in person, too. My friends won't believe it! wink

I, too, try to follow that rule. I know I fail from time to time. But, it's still a good rule. As you know, I can be caustic in person, but try to be civil most of the time. An expectation I have always expected from myself and the Customer Service folk in any entity in which I was involved was: Don't let any individual leave with any less dignity than they brought into the encounter and more whenever possible. Some people are just absolute jerks and bring no dignity or self-respect into an encounter. I was told on the radio the other day that I told someone to shut up during a meeting. I don't think I did, but if true, there is no individual who would deserve it more than that one.
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