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it does seem that there is a very small group of people here that all seem to know who each other are in rw...strange for anyone wanting to join

new ideas don't really seem to be wanted, just sayin'

I'd say, "I disagree", but that would feed your "don't want new ideas" thesis.

So, I'd like to say, if I've done anything to suggest I don't want to hear new ideas, I'm sorry. I encourage you to share your new ideas. I read your posts and saw only a rebuttle or clarification to your post regarding 4 H.

I would hope all feel comfortable posting. But, that none feel uncomfortable if there are questions or disagreements. This is a contact sport and some of us play hard. But, we love to play. Even Flag Football sucks if you only have one team.

Stay in the game and let 'er rip. Please.
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