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Idea for Gardening
Another good use to recycle plastic bottles.
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Posted 08/15/13 03:43 PM
I tried to post this in the "house" area but couldn't figure out how to post the picture.

This is a great idea I plan on trying next year!

#54900 - 08/15/13 08:17 PM Re: Idea for Gardening [Re: Libertarian]
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I have a tiny 4' 20' garden here in the tropics and it sucks up water. There has to be better ways and better management. I read where city refuse ground up and placed in farms/gardens can retain a huge percentage of water as opposed to just watering soil. In Aberdeen, who cares but the rest of the world doesn't have an abundance of water. We, collectively, have to figure out a better way. Maybe this will do the same thing on small scale growing projects.

#54903 - 08/18/13 03:34 AM Re: Idea for Gardening [Re: Libertarian]
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Brilliant. And so simple. Might even cure my brown thumb!
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#54905 - 08/19/13 03:53 PM Re: Idea for Gardening [Re: Bogus_bill]
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I struggled to remember something I had seen regarding your climate and watering problems. I like the plastic bottle idea due to the recycle/reuse aspect of it. However people in your neck of the woods may find ollas useful. I liked this video but there are quite a bunch on YouTube you'll find helpful.

At the end is particularly useful for a long garden like yours.
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#54908 - 08/20/13 11:30 AM Re: Idea for Gardening [Re: Libertarian]
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It might be sustainable for people in the high desert like ours to have drinking water from underground but we are like eastern Washington, we grow crops, lots of crops. Those huge fields need to change their methods as well. Golf courses, of which we have two, consume massive amounts of water and the only thing they grow is golfers.

We need to use gray water, all that water that is not from toilets and things like this but when 70% of the worlds water goes to farming, farming practices have to change.
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